Imagine you were designing
the perfect marina.

What would it include?

  • It would be designed by experienced boat owners and marine architects, with the attention to detail that only someone who knows your needs can deliver.
  • It would offer an unparalleled level of personal service you expect from a culture with centuries of history as a warm and welcoming place.
  • It would incorporate the latest in environmentally friendly design, construction and functionality, to have a minimal impact on the natural beauty of the surrounding area – both land and sea.
  • It would be set in a boating paradise that offered an amazing variety of sights and activities.

It would be Marina Cortez.

Welcome to Marina Cortez, where we’ve thought of everything you want and need, and included it in one modern facility. Our marina was developed by veteran yacht owners to provide a uniquely satisfying experience, with a host of amenities and services available to our guests, a green approach that’s easy on the environment, and a location second to none.

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And find out more details of our Design and Amenities as well as our Green Approach.