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marina Cortez

The Marina was designed by yacht owners and marine architects to ensure maximum comfort, ease of access and safety. Our design team visited marinas in every major port in the World, researching, reviewing and studying details down to the width of the docks, the placement and quality of the materials, to come up with the features that the World’s best marinas share – and then we added some of our own. There is no marina like it.


Designed by experienced boat owners and marine architects, with the attention to detail that only someone who knows your needs can deliver.

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Customer Service

Offers an unparalleled level of personal service you expect from a warm and welcoming place.

Go Green!

Incorporates the latest in environmentally friendly design, construction and functionality, to have a minimal impact on the natural beauty of the surrounding area - both land and sea.


Welcome to Marina Cortez, where we’ve thought of everything you want and need, and included it in one modern facility.


Set in a boating paradise that offers and amazing variety of sights and activities